Vladimir Horowitz
hebräisch ולדימיר הורוביץ;
ukrainisch Володимир Самійлович Горовиць Wolodymyr Samijlowytsch Horowyz
russisch Владимир Самойлович Горовиц Wladimir Samoilowitsch Gorowiz
(*18. Septemberjul. / 1. Oktober 1903greg.  Berditschew, Russisches Kaiserreich - †5. November 1989 in New York City)
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"I liked him [Arthur Rubinstein] as a pianist. He was a good musician and had a fantastic repertoire. He never had a great technique, but certain things he played well. I heard him play some of the Chopin etudes, the easier ones with great panache and I told him I had never heard them played better. He said, "Do you mean it?" and I said, "Yes, I do mean it."

quoted in Harold C. Schonberg, Horowitz: his life and music