Fotografie Hawthornes von Mathew B. Brady, ca. 1860–1864

Nathaniel Hawthorne
(*4. Juli 1804 Salem, Massachusetts - †19. Mai 1864 Plymouth, New Hampshire)
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"If his inmost heart could have been laid open, there would have been discovered that dream of undying fame, which, dream as it is, is more powerful than a thousand realities."

"Fanshawe" (1828)


The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet, and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.

The awful spirits of the deep
Hold their communion there;
And there are those for whom we weep,
The young, the bright, the fair.

Calmly the wearied seamen rest
Beneath their own blue sea.
The ocean solitudes are blest,
For there is purity.

The earth has guilt, the earth has care,
Unquiet are its graves;
But peaceful sleep is ever there,
Beneath the dark blue waves.