Gilbert Stuart: Porträt 1803 des George Washington (1732–99)

George Washington
(*22.Februar 1732 auf dem Gutshof Wakefield (auch Pope’s Plantation genannt) im Westmoreland County, Kolonie Virginia - †14.Dezember 1799 auf Mount Vernon, Virginia)

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"The friends of humanity will deprecate War, wheresoever it may appear; and we have experience enough of its evils, in this country, to know, that it should not be wantonly or unnecessarily entered upon. I trust, that the good citizens of the United States will show to the world, that they have as much wisdom in preserving peace at this critical juncture, as they have hitherto displayed valor in defending their just rights."

Address to the merchants of Philadelphia (16 May 1793), published in The Writings Of George Washington (1835) by Jared Sparks, p. 202