A.A. Milne
(*18. Januar 1882 London - †31. Januar 1956 Hartfield, Sussex)
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"I wrote somewhere once that the third-rate mind was only happy when it was thinking with the majority, the second-rate mind was only happy when it was thinking with the minority, and the first-rate mind was only happy when it was thinking."

Halfway down the stairs

When We Were Very Young  (1924)

Halfway down the stairs 
Is a stair 
Where I sit. 
There isn't any 
Other stair 
Quite like 
I'm not at the bottom, 
I'm not at the top; 
So this is the stair 
I always 

Halfway up the stairs 
Isn't up, 
Isn't down. 
It isn't in the nursery, 
It isn't in the town. 
And all sorts of funny thoughts 
Run round my head: 
"It isn't really 
It's somewhere else